A highly customizable, web based, low-code, aggregation and visualization platform for heterogeneous data.

SpinBoard is built with two main concepts in mind:

  • Provide the user with an extremely intuitive, self-configurable interface
  • Easily allow the integration of huge amounts of data, coming from heterogeneous sources

5 Different widgets

Currently 5 different widgets can be used: Table, Sql, Mongo db, Splunk and Graph

5 Sources supported

We currently support: Kafka, Oracle db, Mongo db, Splunk, ZMQ

100+ Users simultaneously

The application supports more than 100 users active simultaneously

Up to 10k msg/sec

Every source configured supports more than 10K messages per second

Key Features

  • Cloud native application (dockerized microservices)
  • Completely written using latest Java version and based on SpringBoot framework
  • Event-Driven and Reactive Architecture
  • Low latency data processing
  • LDAP Active Directory Authentication
  • Using latest available technologies

User Interface Features

  • Customer branding with logo, colors and fonts
  • Multiple Desktops
  • Fully customizable Desktop area: users can add/remove widgets and design their own dashboards
  • All the user settings are automatically saved and restored
  • Excel-like tables with multi-sorting, multi-filtering, hierarchical representation, CSV data export
  • Support for different charts
  • Easy to extend to new and/or customized graphic tools

Frequently asked questions